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about Shrego

Our Story

Shree Gopal Agri is a leading processor of groundnuts and roasted peanuts.

Our company is based on the vision of promising to produce finest peanuts from groundnuts procured directly from farmers and provide service with pride, honesty, professional ethics and fair business practice.

Based in Jetpur, Saurashtra and Ahmedabad, we have a location advantage as Saurashtra is a recognized region for cultivating the best quality groundnuts in India and Ahmedabad has an access to vast distribution network.

For generations, we have been carefully procuring groundnuts, processing with care to offer the best quality on shelf that you can experience. Our product always tastes fresh because we continually ensure only the quality-control-approved peanuts are sealed in Shrego Peanut Plus. We strive to serve Fresh, Exquisite & Wholesome peanuts which you can Relish anytime.

Our History

Shri Durlabhji Vithhalji Ganatra of Vadia-Devli, Amreli, Gujarat started the family business of buying and supplying best quality groundnuts (shelled peanuts) in the British era. This legacy was taken forward by his son, Shri Mathuradas Durlabhji Ganatra and then by his sons Shri Hasmukhbhai Ganatra and Shri Kishorbhai Ganatra. In 1981, they started a company to take forward the legacy. Their company started processing groundnuts that were procured directly from the farmers to produce raw peanuts.

As a buyer, procuring groundnuts requires a strong knowledge of crop and other quality parameters. By introducing new methods; educating farmers to classify the best quality of crop, which enables them to get the right price, which in turn is a part of company’s inherited strong ethical standard and fair business policy, the company became one of the esteemed buyers of groundnuts.

In the year 1998, Shree Gopal Corporation was came into existence in Jetpur, Rajkot and a new plant was set up with higher production capacity and state-of-the-art machinery to produce the best quality of peanuts.

In 2016, the 3rd generation of Ganatra family started Shree Gopal Agri in Ahmedabad dealing in Roasted Peanuts and Retail FMCG business. Whole Blanched Roasted Peanuts and Roasted Splits for Peanut Exporters and Namkeen Manufacturers are their forte.

In 2019, “Shrego-Relish the Rare” was launched with 5 products, 3 for kitchen purpose and 2 as snacks. Shrego Peanut Plus serves Fresh, Exquisite & Wholesome peanuts.