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Shree Gopal Agri is a leading processor of groundnuts and roasted peanuts.
Our company is based on the vision of promising to produce the finest peanuts from groundnuts procured directly from farmers and provide service with pride, honesty, professional ethics, and fair business practice.
Based in Jetpur, Saurashtra, and Ahmedabad, we have a location advantage as Saurashtra is a recognized region for cultivating the best quality groundnuts in India and Ahmedabad has access to a vast distribution network.

Peanut Plus Range

For generations, we have been carefully procuring groundnuts, processing with care to offer the best quality on shelf that you can experience. Our product always tastes fresh because we continually ensure only the quality-control-approved peanuts are sealed in Shrego Peanut Plus.


Flavoured Peanuts Range

A Healthy Punch In Every Munch.

We strive to serve Fresh, Exquisite & Wholesome peanuts which you can Relish anytime

We take care of your Requirements.

You can contact us for any suggestion or specific requirements. we are happy to help you any time.

know about Peanuts

The finest groundnuts are procured directly from the fields of farmers and de-shelled into peanuts. Peanuts take between 90 and 120 days to grow and the growth depends on the seed type.

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Amber Sharma (Mumbai, Maharashtra) , KPMG Consultant - Management Consulting

I have been using Shrego Raw Peanuts from the past 6 months now and would love to share my experience regarding the same. As my wife made me to write this as she fell in love with this product and wanted to express her gratitude to Shrego for developing this product. The product is of very fine quality with perfect size of peanuts across the packet.

Thanks Shrego for coming up with this product. I hope you continue the same.

Rating :

Shaivya Gupta (Gurgaon, Haryana) , Research Scholar.

I am so thankful to Shrego for creating Light Roasted peanuts.I can use them for both kind of preparations which involves roasted and non roasted peanuts as they are light roasted so it can be used anywhere. Thanks for solving my day to day life problem of putting extra efforts while cooking. These peanuts are very handy for any occasions may it be cooking food, Snacks etc...

Thanks Shrego peanuts for spreading happiness and thinking about us for a solution which no one cared off.

Rating :

Shubhra Sharma Kemtur (Bangalore, Karnataka) , Business Finance Manager

My favorites from Shrego are raw peanuts and Roasted Peanuts - Salted. I have had bad experience in the past with packs smelling of stale produce. My kid being super finicky hates that stale smell. But Shrego came to the rescue. The produce is absolutely fresh and has amazing Flavor, adding great Flavor to my dishes and chaats. Serve Shrego with full confidence of great quality!!

Thanks a tons Shrego!

Rating :

Heeranmayee Chandrani (Baroda, Gujarat) , Managing Partner Jalaram Water Solutions LLP

Shrego is a blessing for working women. Small packs are such a charm specially zipped lock ones. They save space and I always get to eat fresh peanuts. These are the finest salted peanuts I have ever eaten. When I opened my first pack of Shrego peanuts, I was just blown away by the flavor and crispness of these nuts. Shrego is the way to go !!

Rating :

Pooja Patel (Rajkot, Gujarat), Make Up Artist

Peanuts are one of the most nutritious items which we daily have. However we had very trouble in storing raw peanuts purchased from the market. But after i came to know about Shrego and after having tasted it, i can definitely say that it is one of the most efficient way of keeping and storing raw peanuts now. I also had roasted groundnut of Shrego and now i have full faith on Shrego. Its products are quality products and are always fresh.

Rating :

Shravan Kemtur (Hubli, Karnataka), Restaurateur, Hotelier, Caterer

Shrego peanuts was a much needed solution for restaurant owners. It is pregraded, high quality peanuts with the right crunch. No more worries of quality checks and grading. Nor do we worry about that, One rancid peanut, which might ruin an entire meal for our guests. Be it raw or roasted we trust only Shrego. Now we can experiment Gourmet recipes with peanuts without any worry. I would strongly recommend Shrego peanuts for restaurants and also for use at home.

Rating :

Tarang Desai (Rajkot, Gujarat), Hotelier & Paints

I am truly amazed by the quality of roasted groundnut of Shrego. I have tried many brands but Shrego is definitely above all. It is crunchier than others, fresh than others. This makes it stand apart from roasted groundnut which other brands provide. 5 stars out of 5 to Shrego.

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